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CLP Lineman Lightening 80 Year Celebration Winter Sunset Northern Lights

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Attention CLP Members:

SCAM ALERT! We just got a report from our sister co-op, Lake Country Power, that one of their members received a “Scam” call stating the service at his business would be disconnected if he did not pay his account immediately.


The member said the call came from Arrowhead Electric Co-op, the electric co-op in Cook County, and gave the member a work order #, which made it sound official. The member did not call the number back; he immediately called Lake Country Power to verify the status of his account and the call. 


Please help spread the word about utility scammers. Most utilities typically work with and communicate with members/consumers several different ways over specific periods of time prior to disconnection of service.


If Co-op Light & Power members have any questions regarding suspicious calls, they should always call Co-op Light & Power directly at 800-580-5881 or 834-2226. 


Attention CLP Broadband Consumers:


On May 25, the FBI asked us all to reboot our routers. The reason behind the request is due to sophisticated malware and unsophisticated home-network security. 


While CLP does not dispute the FBI’s recommendation, we are advising all CLP Broadband Consumers to call our offices BEFORE you heed their warning. 


If you inadvertently change any settings in your router, you will need a CLP Broadband technician to come to your home to re-program your router. If this does not happen, you will not have access to the internet. 


You can reach a CLP Broadband technician at 834.2226 or 800.580.5881. They will help you with any router questions you may have.



Dates to Remember!

August 15: Cookies and coffee in CLP's lobby

August 16: CLP board meeting

August 24: Operation Round Up Grand Applications Due

August 27: CLP bills due

September 8: CLP Member Appreciation Pancake Breakfast

     Above CLP dates are subject to change. 


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